Video Editing Vancouver

In need of a music video?
How about a commercial?
What ever your video editing needs, Sylvyrcloud Services will give you a professional looking product at a very reasonable price.
Sylvyrcloud Services can take your video's from VHS, DVD, Camcorder, almost all forms of video, and bring it to life with fantastic editing and effects.
We will adjust colour timing and various other flaws to make you video's like new.
Full 1080p quality or blu-ray up-scaling to suit your needs.
Pricing varies on scale of work and amount of enhancing.
Music videos starting as low as $250 (Variable depending on scope of work)
Call or email us today for all your video needs.
See below for samples.

Bad Girl -Avril Lavigne

Rainbow - Robert Plant

The End Of The Dictators - Rock Voodoo

The Universe - Rock Voodoo

Valley Of Love - Rock Voodoo

Love On The Run - Rock Voodoo

Going To The Mountain - Rock Voodoo

Going To The Mountain V2.0 Live W GoPro - Rock Voodoo

Sparks In The Ashes - Rock Voodoo

Sunset Blvd - Rock Voodoo

If Not For You - Rock Voodoo

Remember That Girl