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Custom Computers Kootenay's

Looking for that great new computer! Sylvyrcloud Services will build it for you. Whether it’s a ripp’n gaming computer or something powerful enough to run all your hardware and software. Sylvyrcloud Services will asses and find you you all the ingredients required to fulfill your needs.

Computer Servicing and Maintenance

Is your computer slowing down? Have a virus? Sylvyrcloud Services can help:

• Virus, malware, spyware removal

• Tune up to ensure components, fans, etc are in working order and all software drivers are up to date.

• Operating system installations or upgrades..

• Remote system cleaning and performance tweaks. (Click here for more details).

Computer Upgrades

Sylvyrcloud Services can extend the life of your computer by upgrading parts like memory, hard discs and even motherboards. Or we’ll tell you when it’s better to just get a new computer and help you select the best one for you.

Computer Repairs

Computer stop working?

No Problem. Sylvyrcloud Services diagnose and test your computer and recommend the best solution to get it working again.